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Lockhart Geophysical Co.


Lockhart Geophysical Co.

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2802 W Jones Ave
Garden City, KS 67846
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Phone Number (620) 277-7771
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Lockhart Geophysical Company


Lockhart Geophysical has been conducting seismic exploration for over 35 years. It has been our goal to provide the highest quality data by focusing on the needs of clients and ensuring landowners’ satisfaction, providing seismic solutions for any situation.


Lockhart Geophysical a company that innovates and safeguards the heartland. Our crews are available to work throughout Great Plains, and Rocky Mountain states.


What Is Seismic Acquisition?


Lockhart acquires 2D & 3D surveys for our oil-prospecting clients. Surveys are designed per the client's specifications, with special consideration to land owner's agriculture concerns and topography issues.


Geophones (recording devices) are connected to cables and a recording truck over the prospective area. Vibrator trucks then shake on predetermined points, and the sound waves travel through the earth to the geophones and then are relayed back to a recording truck.


At the end of the field operations, this data is forwarded to the client’s chosen data processor to be processed and from there to their chosen geophysical consultant to be interpreted for levels of reflection, to evaluate underground layers for which may contain a reservoir, and then determine potential drilling locations.

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