DiverterPlus LLC

Company Description

With a R&D lab in Denver and administrative office in St. Louis, MO, augmented by an Evansville, IN manufacturing and blending operation and warehouses across the country, DiverterPlus has the ability to quickly supply operators and service companies our products.  The company has a large and expanding portfolio of degradable and permanent fluid control solutions and educational resources to effectively cater to customer needs.

Since its inception, DiverterPlus has distinguished itself as the leader in degradable diversion technologies and applications. The future of DiverterPlus is focused on expanding current successes and working alongside operators and service companies in the oil and gas and geothermal spaces to solve new challenges.



  • Drilling Fluids

Equipment & Supplies

  • Chemical Supplies
  • Biocides
  • Polymers / Plastics
  • Toll Blending
  • Toll Manufacturing